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Konstantin Bukharov bkb at virtuozzo.com
Wed Sep 2 05:47:14 PDT 2015


Just a raw guess - missed '-' in the template name - 'centos-7-x86_64'.
You could always check list of installed OS templates as:

# vzpkg list -O
debian-8.0-x86_64                  2015-08-18 13:15:42
centos-6-x86_64                    2015-07-27 13:15:40

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PS. And list of un-installed, but available in the configured repositories:

# vzpkg list -O --available
centos-5-x86_64                    ez-templates
centos-6-x86                       ez-templates-32
debian-6.0-x86                     ez-templates-32
debian-6.0-x86_64                  ez-templates
debian-7.0-x86                     ez-templates-32
fedora-19-x86                      ez-templates-32
fedora-20-x86                      ez-templates-32
fedora-20-x86_64                   ez-templates
fedora-21-x86_64                   ez-templates
fedora-22-x86_64                   ez-templates
redhat-el5-x86                     ez-templates-32
redhat-el5-x86_64                  ez-templates
redhat-el6-x86                     ez-templates-32
redhat-el6-x86_64                  ez-templates
redhat-el7-x86_64                  ez-templates
sles-11-x86                        ez-templates-32
sles-11-x86_64                     ez-templates
suse-12.1-x86                      ez-templates-32
suse-12.2-x86                      ez-templates-32
suse-12.3-x86                      ez-templates-32
suse-13.1-x86                      ez-templates-32
suse-13.1-x86_64                   ez-templates
suse-13.2-x86_64                   ez-templates
ubuntu-10.04-x86                   ez-templates-32
ubuntu-10.04-x86_64                ez-templates
ubuntu-12.04-x86                   ez-templates-32
ubuntu-12.04-x86_64                ez-templates
ubuntu-14.04-x86                   ez-templates-32
ubuntu-14.04-x86_64                virtuozzo-os
ubuntu-14.10-x86                   ez-templates-32
ubuntu-14.10-x86_64                ez-templates
ubuntu-15.04-x86_64                ez-templates

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Have installed Virtuozzo 7 Beta on a clean Centos 7 host but when I try and
create my first container I receive the following:

[root at vsi01 parallels]# prlctl create ads01 --ostemplate centos7-x86_64
--vmtype ct Creating the Virtuozzo Container...
Failed to register the CT: Operation failed. Unable to get appcache tarball
name for b5316bf2-4473-4ed3-b297-5d25eb036360.conf with ostemplate
centos7-x86_64 Creation of Container private area failed

Where have I gone wrong please ?

Thanks, Phil

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