[Users] Crazy IO utilization in VE running on Debian Squeeze host

Pavel Shevaev pacha.shevaev at gmail.com
Wed Mar 9 14:58:18 EST 2011

> I have been using OpenVZ 2.6.32 kernel in production for around 1 year
> on several machines at home and at work and I do not have this issue.
> Although I am using gentoo and the git kernel
> http://git.openvz.org/?p=linux-2.6.32-openvz;a=summary

Thanks for reply, however it seems I'm not the only one -

BTW, some more details about my IO hardware: the server uses hardware
RAID-10 with BBU. Initially Percona was running using O_DIRECT for
InnoDB flushing but then I switched to the default flushing mode and
IO numbers became somewhat better... However after this I got several
data corruptions and simply stopped any further experiments.

Best regards, Pavel

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