[Users] TinyVZ 0.7.02 released

Sam Trenholme strenholme.usenet at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 00:41:34 EDT 2011

The discussion with Solar Designer has inspired me to check all of the
software in TinyVZ against the CVE database of security
vulnerabilities.  I discovered one issue that needed patching:
CVE-2010-0001, which affects the gzip Busybox applet in TinyVZ.

That in mind, I have released TinyVZ 0.7.02 with this issue fixed.

The only unpaid support I supply for TinyVZ at this time is to fix
security problems with a CVE vulnerability number that affect compiled
programs outside of the /build tree. CVE 2010-0001 has been patched;
other CVE issues have not been patched because they do not appear to
be serious security issues that affect TinyVZ. Details are in the file
build/CVE inside of the container.

TinyVZ can be downloaded here:


I hope people find this OpenVZ template useful.

- Sam

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