[Users] TinyVZ 0.7 released

Solar Designer solar at openwall.com
Mon Aug 22 12:12:18 EDT 2011

On Sat, Aug 20, 2011 at 06:36:28PM -0400, Sam Trenholme wrote:
> TinyVZ 0.7 is a tiny little OpenVZ template for making OpenVZ
> containers that use the lowest amount of memory and hard disk space
> possible.
> This is a self-hosting template with all source code; it is possible
> to compile the entire system inside of the template.  Look in the
> build/ directory (inside the template) for source code.

This is very nice.  My concern, though, is that things such as uClibc
were not built with security in mind.  I am pretty sure that uClibc is
problematic when used in conjunction with SUID/SGID programs.  Does
uClibc ensure that fd 0-2 are open on program startup (opening them to
/dev/null / /dev/full if not)?  I doubt it.  I admit I haven't checked,

I think a better libc to use for this purpose would be musl:


It also lacks some of those highly desirable security measures, but I
think it will gain those soon.

While uClibc is primarily for embedded systems, musl is primarily for
typical/full systems - just without glibc's bloat.

Meanwhile, the sad truth may be that under Linux we need to use (e)glibc
(or other clones of it) for SUIDs/SGIDs.  <plug>BTW, the full Owl
userland, with development/build tools, is just 112 MB under .tar.gz:
It is also able to rebuild itself, although the source code is not part
of the .tar.gz (just the development/build tools/libs are).  With the
source tarballs added, the size increases a lot indeed... to 280 MB if
we exclude just the Linux kernel, which is not installed in an OpenVZ
container anyway.


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