[Users] Reduce Load in VZs

me at free-minds.net me at free-minds.net
Wed Aug 3 04:10:03 EDT 2011

On Wed, 03 Aug 2011 11:47:05 +0400, Kir Kolyshkin <kir at openvz.org> wrote:
> Interesting. vzctl does crontab randomization, by means of 
> /etc/vz/dists/scripts/vps-postcreate.sh
> script, so the question is why it is not working. I can see a few 
> reasons why it's not working as it should:
> (1) CT was created not by vzctl
mh it was, all of them are created by this script
> (2) CT has been upgraded from the inside, so /etc/crontab was being
> modified
yes, the cronjobs are under /etc/cron.{daily,weeky,...}
> (3) CT has a distro installed which has crontab in some unusual location
no its running debian lenny or squeeze or sid
> (4) Some other bug?
mh could be, we try now different things to encounter the problem... seems
very complicated at the moment because we have really no idea whats going
on there


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