[Users] Puppet module for OpenVZ management

Carla Souza contact at carlasouza.com
Mon Aug 1 14:19:53 EDT 2011

Hey guys,

Reliant Security <http://reliantsecurity.com> has funded me to
extended what's available within Puppet to manage virtual machines.

The Puppet virt module provides the configuration and correct activation
of virtual machines with multiple hypervisors ensuring consistency
and reproducibility for deployed virtual machines. The new OpenVZ
provider makes it possible to scale OpenVZ VEs up and have them
configured according to specifications. For instance, configuring a new
OpenVZ virtual guest only requires writing a manifest with
desired configuration. All configurations are centrally stored
and automatically updated when needed.

This code is under GPLv3 and is now available at
http://github.com/carlasouza/puppet-virt.  We hope other members of the
community find it useful and if anyone has any suggestions, new
requirements, or ideas about additional contributions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Carla Souza and Adam Kosmin
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