[Users] vps from different Hardware Nodes can't access each others

John Spanos jspanos at customedialabs.com
Fri Apr 1 07:22:21 EDT 2011


Thanx for your help.

You are right with the solution you suggest me but the description of my problem was with fake ip addresses, my real problem is with real ip addresses and the subnets I have are not sequent.
So think like we have ips from and

Any other suggestions??

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On Thursday 31 March 2011 19:22:47 John Spanos wrote:
> Hello ppl


> I am new in mailing list but i face a strange situation and i need 
> your help to fix it... let me explain
> i have two hardware nodes
> HN1 --> OS:CentOS --> ip_address:
> HN2 --> OS:CentOS --> ip_address:
> i have four vps on each Hardware Node
> vps01_hn1 --> running_on: HN1 --> OS:Debian --> 
> ip_address:
> vps02_hn1 --> running_on: HN1 --> OS:Debian --> 
> ip_address:
> vps03_hn1 --> running_on: HN1 --> OS:Debian --> 
> ip_address:
> vps04_hn1 --> running_on: HN1 --> OS:Debian --> 
> ip_address:
> vps01_hn2 --> running_on: HN2 --> OS:Debian --> 
> ip_address:
> vps02_hn2 --> running_on: HN2 --> OS:Debian --> 
> ip_address:
> vps03_hn2 --> running_on: HN2 --> OS:Debian --> 
> ip_address:
> vps04_hn2 --> running_on: HN2 --> OS:Debian --> 
> ip_address:
> so here is my situation
> when i try to ping or trace from vps01_hn1 to any other vps i am 
> taking a normal response when i try to ping or trace from vps03_hn1 to 
> any vps on
> HN1 i get a response but from HN2 i get response only from vps01_hn2 
> and vps02_hn2. the same situation from HN2 vps, vps01_hn2 and 
> vps02_hn2 can ping everyone but vps03_hn2 and vps04_hn2 can't ping vps 
> vps03_hn1 and vps04_hn1.
> I don't have any iptables.
> any ideas??

You have mixed (sub)nets on each HN, 192.168.1.x and 192.168.2.x. How did you routed between subnets/hosts?
Also, if you randomly mix subnets IPs, like on HN1 and on HN2 then routing tables will be a bit hard, you will need a route for every node instead having one route for every net.

I don't know your needs, but splitting subnets in a different way will be easier to manage, for example 192.168.1.x for HNs, 192.168.2.x for VPx_HN1 and 192.168.3.x for VPx_HN2. This way you can route whole subnets to his HN- gateway, instead of routing individual VPs as you will have to do with the configuration you have now.

You should read some docs about routing and net-splitting.



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