[Users] Capturing the PID of every VE during startup / shutdown.

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Sun May 16 05:43:58 EDT 2010


We are currently looking into doing more monitoring and management of our VEs
from the hardware node, and as part of that we would like to have access to a
reasonably reliable mapping of VE id to VE init process PID on the host node.

(This would be, basically, the equivalent of /var/run/foo.pid, where foo was
 the VEID, and the PID was the host-node PID of the init process.)

This mapping would make it easier for our tools to first verify that the init
process was correct[1], then to walk the process tree or otherwise inspect the
children running in that container.

Sadly, to my eye it doesn't look possible to capture this without a private
patch to the vzctl tool[2], since none of the current hooks have access to the
information, and the init process forks away to a new PGIG, SID, etc, quite
deliberately (and sensibly.)

So ... is there any sensibly way I could implement this without needing a
private patch, other than to scan the process table after starting the
container and rebuilding that mapping?


[1]  Check /proc/$pid/status for matching envID, and VPid of 1, to verify that
     the init process matches our mapping.  If not, raise a warning because
     something unexpected has happened.

[2]  ...and the assumption that only vzctl starts containers, which is an
     assumption I can live with: this all is supposed to improve our
     monitoring capabilities, not prevent a hostile root-capable user on the
     hardware node from doing something dubious.

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