[Users] Hardware node - Iptables firewall with ipset

Dariush Pietrzak ml-openvz-eyck at kuszelas.eu
Tue Mar 24 11:14:10 EDT 2009

> Does this mean you are using it on production machines, just not
 I'm using it on production machines, but am not using it extensively, so
basically it was just sitting almost idle since ~1 year, I was planning on
reconfiguring systems to start reaping ipset's benefits in few months, but
since Sergey suggested there might be some hidden problems there, I would
have to schedule more extensive tests.
 If the problem Sergey pointed to is real ( if the memory ran out on that
machine due to memory leak in ipset and not due to the fact that he was
loading millions of rules into that machine ), I wouldn't have noticed it.

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