AW: AW: [Users] Veth mac generation

Kirill Korotaev dev at
Fri Jun 13 13:03:38 EDT 2008

Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>> If I got your problem right then I can advise you a possible 
>> solution - in RHEL5 kernel we have a functionality called 
>> "via_phys_dev" (triggered by BRCTL_SET_VIA_ORIG_DEV ioctl). 
>> This forces kernel to work with original interface ethX 
>> (first added to bridge) and pass the traffic to it. This 
>> allows to add ethX to bridge w/o need to propogate it's 
>> netfilter rules and other settings to brX.
> Looking at the openvz-2.6.24 sources that via_phys_dev is
> already there. I just wonder how to use it:
> brctl addbr vmbr0
> echo 1 > /sys/class/net/vmbr0/bridge/via_phys_dev
> brctl addif eth0
> But looks like ip setting of eth0 gets lost (or what is 
> meant by 'and other settings'?). Maybe you have further info
> How to use that feature?

Sorry, I can't check right now. So can only say what I remember.
The idea was really to make traffic going through original ethX device
so you don't need to reconfigure anything in the host after bridge creation.

in general command look right. I guess you also need to make vmbr0 interface up before adding eth0.
plz check.


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