[Users] Custom Kernel Module inside VE

Praveen Ray praveen at perspectivepartners.com
Wed Jun 4 09:50:41 EDT 2008

Hi All
I've started using OpenVZ recently and so far it's been running great.
However, I've a question about loading custom kernel modules inside 
VE..I'm sure this has been answered before so please point me to right 

My goal is to install VirtualBox inside an VE. VirtualBox needs to 
compile and load a kernel module before it'll run. Since VEs are not 
allowed to load modules (correct?), I built (successfully) the custom 
module on HN, and modprobe'ed it. However, inside a VE 'lsmod' list is 
empty and VirtualBox binary complains (righly so) of missing kernel module.
How do I 'install' a custom kernel module inside a VE? Or make a module 
loaded into HN, visible to the VE?

Thanks for your help.

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