[Users] mysqldump exceeding limits

Joan aseques at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 05:18:31 EDT 2008

Hi, in the virtual I'm running inside openvz everytime I do the daily
backup of the database it exceeds the limits of othersockbuf
The limits I set up are pretty high, so everything is ok for normal usage.
But as soon as I do "mysqldump -l -B db_name--add-drop-table -u
debian-sys-maint -ppassword > backup.sql"
The counters start growing, even the database is not over 12M

            othersockbuf                 4608              2255872
         2472008             47102365                  155

I tried setting net_buffer_length but nothing changes.
Any idea how can I limit the resources for mysqldump so it doesn't
wake me everynight?

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