[Users] Problem with new os template (pld)

Łukasz Chrustek lukasz at chrustek.net
Tue Jul 1 02:53:16 EDT 2008


> I can't really help with --ipadd failure since it's *your* script 
> (pld-add_ip.sh) which should perform it. Try to debug it.


> As for the container entering problem, see 
> http://wiki.openvz.org/Container_enter_failed. Check that those device
> files exist and correct. Check that you can enter other (non-PLD) 
> containers fine.

I know this document very well... I read almost all wiki page.
Existing of this device files are enough to entering the container ?
Can anybody explain what is necessary to enter the container ?

non-PLD containers works OK, there is no problem in entering end
leaving the container.

 Łukasz Chrustek

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