AW: [Users] Iptables problem Debian HN / CentOS VE

Lorenzo Quatrini lorenzo at
Thu Aug 28 13:04:34 EDT 2008

Thorsten Schifferdecker ha scritto:
> Hi Lorenzo,
> have you restart the container; after the iptables modules are loaded on
> CT0 (hardwarenode) ?
> Regards,
>  Thorsten
I did an /etc/init.d/vz restart so I guess that the answer is yes.

Also I keep loading more and more modules (nfnetlink is the last one) but
nothing changes.

One thing I noticed is that on Debian HN I have iptables v1.3.6 and on CentOS
VE iptables v1.3.5.

Another discrepancy is that usually for CentOS I found references to the
ip_conntrack module, instead on Debian I have nf_conntrack...

Don't know what else can I try, now...

Lorenzo Quatrini

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