AW: [Users] Iptables problem Debian HN / CentOS VE

Lorenzo Quatrini lorenzo at
Thu Aug 28 11:14:34 EDT 2008

Dietmar Maurer ha scritto:
>> by  default  all iptables modules that are loaded in the host system
> are accessible inside a container
> so I guess that will not help?
You're right:
I added xt_tcpudp xt_state and also checked that nf_conntrack_ipv4 was there on

Also the above modules are loaded on HN, but still no luck.

When I try to load a rule wich use "state" I get an error on VM and on HN an
entry on /var/log/messages:

> Aug 28 17:09:19 localhost kernel: can't load conntrack support for proto=2

I googled for the error, but I didn't find any interesting (apart xt_tcpudp and

Any Idea?

Lorenzo Quatrini

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