[Users] Profoss virtualisation call for papers

Raphaël Bauduin profosslists at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 03:47:12 EST 2007


Profoss is organising events to spread objective information about
professional uses of Free and Open Source based solutions, and is
looking for speakers for its next event about virtualisation, taking
place in Brussels on 22nd and 23rd january.

If you have deployed a Free or Open Source virtualisation technology
in a demanding professional environment, if you're a services company
with extended expertise with virtualisation, or if you have developed
a virtualisation software under an open source license, or built a
product based on open source technology, and want to share your
experience with your peers, please don't hesitate to submit your
proposal as described below.

Talks should not be commercial shows, but bring interesting
information for professional ICT users, based on real world
experience. Here is an non-exhaustive list of possible subjects:
introduction to virtualisation; deployment experiences with Xen, KVM,
VirtualBox, Linux vserver, Solaris Zones, Virtuozzo/OpenVZ; support
for virtualisation in hardware (eg processors); how to manage the
deployment of a virtualisation technology in a company, without
falling in the trap of over-virtualisation; the futur of
virtualisation; virtualisation on the desktop; security concerns with
virtualisation technologies; impact of virtualisation on the
enterprise infrastructure, eg network; virtualisation, only for the
OS? ;  etc.....

Each speaker get a 50 minutes slot, and talks are to be given in
english. Travel and hotel costs for speakers are taken in charge by
the organisation.

Please submit your proposal at
If you have further questions, don't hesitate to send a mail to info
at profoss dot eu



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