[Users] VLAN Setup

Rudy Setiawan rudy at rudal.com
Tue May 8 13:10:28 EDT 2007

Hi all,

is there an easy way adding an IP into a VE who has VLAN/VENET?

The way that I am currently doing it:
(just like in the wiki)
host #  vconfig add eth0 <vlan_id>
host #  vzctl set <VEID> --netdev_add eth0.<vlan_id> --save

Then enter the <VEID> and bring up the eth0.<vlan_id> interface with the associated IP and add the route statement in it.

So it's kind a manual way to do it, is there a command in vzctl that I can use to have all those configured on the fly?

And what vars that I need to put into the <veid>.conf file in order to have that IP attach to the netdev?

Thank you all.


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