[Users] setting memory allocation

Gregor Mosheh gregor at hostgis.com
Wed May 2 10:46:52 EDT 2007

I'd like to take a shot at answering this, to "quiz myself" on how well I
understand this stuff. So if my answers are incorrect or incomplete,
please speak up!

> I have a computer with P4 2,4Ghz processor and 1GB of RAM. I'm planning to
> split it into 3 VEs with this memory allocation:
> VE1: 512MB
> VE2: 256MB
> VE3: 256MB

If by "memory allocation" you mean "the amount of RAM they're guaranteed
to have available for use by apps" then try this:

   # RAM is 4k pages, so 131072*4k = 512M
   vzctl set 1 --save --vmguarpages  131072
   vzctl set 1 --save --oomguarpages 131072
   vzctl set 1 --save --privvmpages  131072:196608

But, if you really have only 1 GB of RAM, it may not be wise to allocate
all of it. If all of the VEs really use all their RAM, the system will
start swapping to make up more RAM (e.g. for the HN's own use) and nobody
enjoys a system that's swapping.


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