[Users] trouble booting with FC6-64

Gregor Mosheh gregor at hostgis.com
Tue May 1 21:27:51 EDT 2007

Hi, all.

I wrote a few days ago, to the effect that the fellow setting up our
hardware was having trouble getting OpenVZ to work under FC6 on x86_64.
Using the same procedure, he can use FC6 32-bit without a hitch.

He's trying to boot into the OpenVZ kernel, and it's stopping. Iit gets as
far as "Input: AT Translated set 2 keyboard as /class/input/input0" which
is the keyboard loading. That should be followed immediately by the root
filesystem... but it's not. Just sits there.

He says that it doesn't panic, and that it's not frozen cuz a ctrl-alt-del
will reset the machine. Just gets to that point and stops. Any thoughts on
what could cause that or how we can try to get to the bottom of it? If
necessary, I can get a hardware list.

Again, it works A-OK under FC6 32-bit, which is what makes this so

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