[Users] (was reboot) Framebuffer Device Support in ovzkernel's

Thorsten Schifferdecker ts at systs.org
Thu Oct 19 06:05:52 EDT 2006


Soldatov Dmitry schrieb:
> i'm trying to use ovzkernel-2.6.8-022stab078.21.src.rpm and 
> ovzkernel-smp-2.6.8-022stab078.21.x86_64.rpm, but they going to some 
> Frame Buffer video mode and simply reboots just after the GRUB 
> invocation... I tryed to invoke with "vga=ask", but it don't helps.
> all Mandriva & Redora works good.
> can anybody say, what's going on?
> sorry for my english

The ovz-kernel haven't enabled the Framebuffer DEVICE in their 
kernel-config ...

Show Framebuffer (CONFIG_FB) in the kernel-config of Mandriva and Fedora :

# grep CONFIG_FB <kernel_config_of_mandriva_or_fedora>

and enable it , like "make menuconfig" , in your ovzkernel-config and 
reBuild your kernel!


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