[Users] OpenVZ tools

Kir Kolyshkin kir at openvz.org
Mon Oct 16 10:51:36 EDT 2006

Dag Wieers wrote:
> Hi,
> We modified the vzyum tool and created a similar vzapt tool. But
> while doing that I figured that the current infrastructure (written in
> shell) is somewhat insufficient to create clean, proper reusable code.
> Also the config-files are pretty shell-oriented.
> Are there any plans to redo them ?

To be honest -- I'd love to. I suppose you want Python -- this is fine 
with me. It'd be great to start from scratch, but be aware that 
developing/maintaining package management tools leads to endless pain 
and suffering (I assume you probably know that already:)).

So, we can set up a git repo (and a component in bugzilla) and start 
working on some "next-generation package management tools".

Although I do not see any problem with "shell-oriented" config files. 
They are easy to edit and can be easily read from any code (be it C or 
Perl or Python or whatever). So, can you be more specific and tell us 
why you don't like such configs?

Finally, I propose to move the discussion to devel@ list (to'ed). If you 
agree, please reply to devel@ only.

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