[Libct] Regarding libct and cgroup subgroups w/ or w/o mount namespaces.

Monali Porob Monali.Porob at huawei.com
Tue Dec 23 17:39:40 PST 2014

Hi Andrew ,

For container with a  mount namespaces  and bind mounted  controllers into its file tree,. I was able to check spawn a callback to check creation of subgroups or spawn a program.

However using the libct_container_enter_execv() to enter a program in container is returning failure (-1). Attached is the program with failing enter_exec()  but working spawn code ..
 Wanted to check if I am wrongly programming the parameters for  libct_container_enter_execv.  Tried  libct_container_enter_cb() and that fails too with  -1.
Hence thought of getting pointers to debug the issue further

Qn 2 :
 how do we spawn a  container process in one of the subgroups created under the container file tree which has all the cgroup controllers bind mounted.

Also ,
For a container with cgroups  and without any namespaces  (not even mount) , I am looking to check if the following functionalities would  be supported by libct .
-Ability to create container with a default subgroup ,  configure default  subgroup and start a  container process in the default subgroup.
- Ability to create and configure additional subgroups and then move process from default subgroup to other already configured subgroups.


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