[Libct] Libct Queries - Service cgroup , process descriptor.

Monali Porob Monali.Porob at huawei.com
Tue Dec 16 15:37:32 PST 2014

Hi all ,

I needed some pointers regarding Service cgroup controller  and process descriptors  .

Qn1 :  I wanted to understand what use case is supported by the Service cgroup controller .
If I have read the test programs correctly looks like service cgroup controller is created by setting LIBCT_OPT_KILLABLE option. libct_container_kill() can be called on the associated container.

Qn2 : what is the purpose of the process descriptor (ct_process_desc_t) in context of libct . Why is it associated with a session  rather than a container .

Qn3 : If there are 2 containers in the same session , should there be two calls to the libct_process_desc_create(s); When testing the CPU controllers configuration for 2 containers ( each running stress program)  in the same session , passing the same process descriptor worked . However in which case would I need to create 2 process descriptors.

Any info regarding this will help.

Thanks in advance .

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