[Libct] Queries regarding libctd( libct daemon) code

Monali Porob Monali.Porob at huawei.com
Tue Dec 2 11:59:12 PST 2014

Hi all ,
I was doing some research with how libct library could be used in the existing project .

I am looking to check the support for following  use case  where I can have a persistent process to manage the containers and  one has the ability to have multiple processes running in the container.

Basically the ability to do the following using libct.
Executable 1 ( P1)

a)      Create container say C1

b)      Spawn long running pgm in C1

Executable 2 (P2)

a)      Enter existing container C1

b)      Run program pgm2 in C1

Qn 1:  Is there a plan to support the above use case with libct  .

When exploring  libct  , I came across libctd daemon and proxy backend/unix backend .
Qn2:  Was curious to know why the libct daemon code , unix backend is removed in the git master branch.

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