[Devel] [PATCH] vzpid: new option "-p" to show in-container PID(s)

Igor M Podlesny openvz at poige.ru
Mon Oct 28 23:11:26 PDT 2013

On 29 October 2013 12:40, Kir Kolyshkin <kir at openvz.org> wrote:
>> +.OP -p
>> +Show the corresponding in-container PID(s).
> Have you seen the result of this? We do not need square brackets around -p
> here.

   Yep, fixed, sorry.

> Also, please reply in that thread, don't create a new one (hint: git
> send-email --in-reply-to

   Well, I used that option and at least in mail archive it's shown as
properly threaded:

> And add v2 (or v3) to the subject, and a short one-liner in the description
> body telling why it is v2

   Got it.


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