[Devel] Re: [PATCH -mm 0/5] swapcgroup (v3)

Balbir Singh balbir at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri Jul 4 23:52:25 PDT 2008

Daisuke Nishimura wrote:
> Hi.
> This is new version of swapcgroup.
> Major changes from previous version
> - Rebased on 2.6.26-rc5-mm3.
>   The new -mm has been released, but these patches
>   can be applied on 2.6.26-rc8-mm1 too with only some offset warnings.
>   I tested these patches on 2.6.26-rc5-mm3 with some fixes about memory,
>   and it seems to work fine.
> - (NEW) Implemented force_empty.
>   Currently, it simply uncharges all the charges from the group.
> Patches
> - [1/5] add cgroup files
> - [2/5] add a member to swap_info_struct
> - [3/5] implement charge and uncharge
> - [4/5] modify vm_swap_full() 
> - [5/5] implement force_empty
> ToDo(in my thought. Feel free to add some others here.)
> - need some documentation
>   Add to memory.txt? or create a new documentation file?

I think memory.txt is good. But then, we'll need to add a Table of Contents to
it, so that swap controller documentation can be located easily.

> - add option to disable only this feature
>   I'm wondering if this option is needed.
>   memcg has already the boot option to disable it.
>   Is there any case where memory should be accounted but swap should not?

That depends on what use case you are trying to provide. Let's say I needed
backward compatibility with 2.6.25, then I would account for memory and leave
out swap (even though we have swap controller).

> - hierarchy support
> - move charges along with task
>   Both of them need more discussion.

Yes, they do.

	Warm Regards,
	Balbir Singh
	Linux Technology Center
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