[Devel] Re: [patch 2/6] [Network namespace] Network device sharing by view

Cedric Le Goater clg at fr.ibm.com
Wed Jun 28 03:14:28 PDT 2006

Hi !

Eric W. Biederman wrote:

[ ... ]

> So just to sink one additional nail in the coffin of the silly
> guest to guest communication issue.  For any two guests where
> fast communication between them is really important I can run
> an additional interface pair that requires no routing or bridging.
> Given that the implementation of the tunnel device is essentially
> the same as the loopback interface and that I make only one
> trip through the network stack there will be no performance overhead.
> Similarly for any critical guest communication to the outside world
> I can give the guest a real network adapter.
> That said I don't think those things will be necessary and that if
> they are it is an optimization opportunity to make various bits
> of the network stack faster.

just one comment on the 'guest to guest communication' topic :

guest to guest communication is an important factor in consolidation
scenarios, where containers are packed on one server. This for maintenance
issues or priority issues on a HPC cluster for example. This case of
container migration is problably the most interesting and the performance
should be more than acceptable. May be not a top priority for the moment.



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