[Devel] Re: [ckrm-tech] [RFC][PATCH] UBC: user resource beancounters

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Fri Aug 25 13:46:17 PDT 2006

Ar Gwe, 2006-08-25 am 11:21 -0700, ysgrifennodd Chandra Seetharaman:
> But, the problem is that the struct user_beancounter (part of
> wombat_controller above) is a _copy_ of the original, not the original
> itself. We cannot keep the original (in _each_ controller), as there may
> be more than one controller in the system 

Why would you want more than one controller for a given beancounter (and
thus a single measured resource). Can you give an example ?

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