[CRIU] [Announce] Checkpoint-restore tool v1.7

Pavel Emelyanov xemul at parallels.com
Mon Sep 7 02:56:20 PDT 2015

Hello everyone!

The 1.7 is out. We have quite a lot of new stuff this time. Many new
small features, many bugfixes. We also had our first CVE-s found, held
first CRIU-oriented (micro)conference in Seattle and set up a PPC box
for CI testing!

The full change-log is http://criu.org/Download/criu/1.7
Tarball with sources is http://download.openvz.org/criu/criu-1.7.tar.bz2

The biggest plan for the 1.8 is cgroups, as people are complaining a
lot about them. Another huge piece of work till winter is secured
containers and (hopefully) x32 support.

More news as usually at https://plus.google.com/+CriuOrg/
And project homepage is still at http://criu.org

Have fun!

-- Pavel

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